Silent movie festival

Start datum: 2018-03-09
Eind datum: 2018-03-10
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Theater de Regentes

Georges Méliès’ Films | France, 1896-1912

At once the cinema’s first true artist and the most prolific technical innovator of the early years, Georges Méliès was a pioneer in recognising the possibilities of the medium for narrative and spectacle. He created the basic vocabulary of special effects, and built the first studio of glass-house form, the prototype of European studios of the silent era. Although a pioneer of early cinema, his films have a sense of fantasy, fun and nonsense whose exuberance is still infectious after almost a century.

Catchpenny Ensemble
Fascinated by the amazing cinematic world of Georges Méliès, Catchpenny Ensemble creates an audiovisual experience of conventional and non-conventional projections, lights and shadows, acoustic and electronic sounds, inviting the audience in this unique reality.

Music: Catchpenny Ensemble
Shadows and Theatre: Ilse Evers and Wen Chin Fu
Video: Yael Levy and Nikos Kokolakis
Composition: Yael Levy, Nikos Kokolakis and Sascha Thiele
Irene Ruiperez (flute)
Natalia Alvarez – Arenas (percussion)
Akvile Ruockute (Violin)
Chris Tsogias – Razakov (Oboe)
Ivan Pavlov (Piano)
Begonia Chan (Cello)
Leonidas Zhupali (Trombone)
Nick Vailer (El. Guitar)
Sascha Thiele (Electronics)