Pieter De Hooch

Datum: 2020-01-22
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Delf station and Gemeente

Slide resistance will perform at the exhibition

Pieter de Hooch lived in Delft between 1652 and 1661. In this period he created highly realistic paintings of interior scenes from the houses along the canals in Delft. These paintings gained popularity because they showed the mundane events of everyday life. He was one of the first to use perspective in his works. The Delft in-Ovatie foundation has petitioned Astrid van den Berg to take photographs inspired by Pieter de Hooch’s work, which include portraits, cityscapes, and interiors of canal houses from the 17th and 18th century, but then set in the 21st century. The central theme of the exhibition is whether the everyday life in Delft has substantially changed in comparison with the life Pieter de Hooch painted in the 17th century. Additionally, paintings by Pieter de Hooch have been analysed using new skills, developed by the TU Delft. To answer questions such as: what creates 3D images, how does a synoptic eye work (creating depth with one eye), what is the effect of shadows and colours. Images and text can be expressed in computer language. A dozen students of the TU Delft designed/wrote an algorithm that reshapes the original painting of Pieter de Hooch. An empathic futuristic interpretation of his work will be shown with a large installation. Multiple synopters will be available to experience depth with one-eye. Especially for families and children of all ages this provides a new experience. More over, children can play with 3D and colour effects a special programme made by the TU Delft (design faculty). Lectures about technical aspects will be given at the end of January 2020 by prof. dr. Elmar Eisenmann and dr. Maarten Wijntjes