Personal development

For me, learning to play an instrument is something that should be part of everyone’s development. I find this, because music and learning to play an instrument influences many aspects of a person, including cognition, emotions, creativity, imagination and physical abilities.

Music brings people together and just like reading and writing, making music can be seen as a form of communication. Sometimes it can help people to express themselves and their feelings.

Especially for children, music education is important. Their brain is still developing, and more ready to learn about music. The more children are exposed to different kinds of music, including classical music, the more they appreciate it in their adult life.

Classical trombone

My main subject is Classical Trombone, but my interests and playing go beyond this and I really enjoy baroque and jazz as well.

During my lessons I focus on different aspects of trombone playing, including techniques, musicality, intonation, theory and rhythms. I use techniques from Kodaly, a well-known music education program. Enjoying to play, learn and feeling comfortable is what is the most important. Without that there is no joy in becoming a good musician.

A first try-out lesson is for free. Lessons can be given at my place (The Hague), or at yours if you live in or around The Hague. Since I also spend time in Maastricht it is also possible to teach there. Included in the lessons are music materials (exercises and cd’s, which can be borrowed and copied).

Feel free to contact me through the Contact page.